Customized feed silos for poultry and pig farm feeding lines

Customized Poultry and Pig Farm Feeding Line Feed SiloAdvantages                                            &n

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Customized Poultry and Pig Farm Feeding Line Feed Silo

1.  Fixed quantity and time saves fodder
2.  Efficiently avoid pig stress reaction
3.  Cut off the transmission route of desease
4.  Avoid fodder waste, save labor force, improve efficiency

Feed Silo  Features 

1. 275g/m2 two-sided galvanized sheet with the features of high intensity, anti-corrosion, long service life and easy to install.

2. Special top cover opener design, easy to operate in windy weather.

3. Special designed brim on the joint of hopper body and hopper panel and seal strip between panel sheets can prevent rainwater entering the silo to cause moldy.

4. Special designed hopper panel can avoid feed piling up.
Equipped ladder and window are convenient for maintaining the equipment and checking feed condition.

5. Different boot and outlet can fulfill complex feed conveying requirements.

6.Customized pneumatic feeding system. 

7.The silo has a variety of tonnage for choose.

Nominal outside diameter (lower cone Angle)Number of layersActual outside diameter (mm)Height(mm)Volume (m³)



Customized Poultry and Pig Farm Feeding Line Feed Silo


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